What We Do

Balance Work Force, LLC. has been established since 2004. BWF provides professional services through business workshops to individuals and organizations. The services and workshops instruct people about understanding and managing behavioral and learning styles with the Learn 2 Read People (L2RP) Program; promoting health and nutrition, teaching professional speaking techniques, business networking, and introducing cultural business awareness for every employee.

BWF assist companies in developing a positive awareness for their employees. We train and develop people within organizations to feel more assertive to be their best, which often will translate into their employees feeling more comfortable and assertive about themselves. We are dedicated to providing our clients with professional treatments and services by enhancing their positive energy in the workplace.. We coach people to feel confident and communicate in a professional positive manner that will enhance their work performance.

You are taught to recognize the Priorities (P), Motivators (M), and Stressors (S), for each person and you’ll have a better opportunity to be more positive and content. You will be able to bring balance into your life more than you could ever imagine!

PRIORITIES – Order of importance or urgency. Primary concern for someone.
MOTIVATORS – Incentive for action.  To act towards a desired goal.
STRESSORS – Mental, emotional, or physical strain or tension placed on someone.

We cater to your business needs and guarantee our services. All employees will have an exciting time learning about new products and methods for professional improvement. Contact BWF today to schedule workshops and services that will bring work balance to your employees and business.

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Changing Lives

BWF will change your life forever!

  • You will understand and appreciate the styles of the people you interact with professionally and socially, cultivating effective meaningful relationships in your life.
  • You will improve family, business and education strategies to facilitate success at work, in school, and most importantly at home.
  • You will break through the unconscious wall of the people around you to make better connections and leverage your relationships to make your life more functionable and profitable.


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